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Points System


The purpose is to reward you for your wonderful confidence in us, in our work, and in our business network!! We really appreciate you being here shopping with us!! Both us at Monarch’s Haven, as well as our partners and partner stores, are all very happy to have you be a part of this. Our commercial expansion and our business values! We wish you and everyone you bring here to our commercial network, starting here with Monach’s Haven, the best. Welcome! And whatever assistance you desire, just get in touch and within 24 hours our team will get back to you, my dear! We wish you to have a lot of fulfillment, success and that you are satisfied with us throughout this time that you will now be by our side.

Ways to earn points:

Per purchase made

With each purchase made by you, you will earn a total of 15 points with us!! Note: Don’t forget to let your friend know, he’ll be glad to hear about it too.

By appointment

As soon as a friend arrives at our store on your recommendation, and he purchases a product, you will earn 6 points. And know that this technique is not valid only for a single referred friend, but for more than 1. Therefore, you can win and will earn a lot of points this way!

By registration

As soon as you complete your registration in our store, you will earn 4 points. And so your points journey will begin, and all of this is just the beginning!!

How much is each point worth?

In a very calculating way and with the help of a great accountant, and this encompasses the entire pricing of each of our products here, and in addition to all the other promotions that you find here as well, but without being based on the points system, we established that Every 5 points is worth 1 Dollar. And so, your faithfulness and trust will reward you handsomely! But remember this is like a “plantation“! And that means that there is something to plant so that we can reap. You know what we want and we calculate that in this way you will have a wonderful “plantation”. Hug.

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